About Me

My name is Jay Larson and my grandchildren affectionately call me "Big Papi." While I grew up in Detroit and love the Tigers, my favorite baseball player was David Ortiz which is where my nickname comes from. My family and I are now transplants to the lovely city of Atlanta. 

We love living here and I doubt I will ever leave the South again. And thankfully, Atlanta has a pretty good baseball team.

The reason for this blog is simply for a place to put my thoughts, especially in these crazy times.

July 8, 2020

atlanta skyline

Atlanta in Turmoil

2020. Crazy times. And now that we are here in Atlanta, we are right smack in the center of everything that seems to be going on in our world. I will not be using this space to project any political opinions, but I believe there are some things that have come out of this whole situation that I would like to discuss. Regardless of your political leanings, I think we can all agree that some temperance is nicessary.

The hyperbole

Having now lived in a few places, one thing I have come to the conclusion about is that most people are really trying to do their best in the world regardless of their political leaning. It is this experience that has caused me to have such disgust for the hyperbole. We hear it every day here in Atlanta. While Atlanta is primarily a Democrat city, it is the capital of a Republican state, so we here the rhetoric all of the time.

"Republicans are racists and hate women!"

"Democrats are socialists and baby murderers!"

Seriously? That is your default view because someone disagrees with your political diagnoses? What a perpetually sad place to be in. To live life assuming the worst of others is a drain on the mind, heart, and soul. It takes a lot of effort to see people through that lens on a daily basis.

And here in Atlanta, we are at the flash point. The recent spate of violence by both the community and the police has put us at a dangerous crossroads. Where do we go from here? One thing I can tell you is that continuing with this rhetoric is no place to start. Cooler heads must prevail if we are to have any hope of cohabiting this beautiful place.

So, regardless of where you align politically, take a step back and collect your thoughts. Take a look around and realize that the people who disagree with you are not out to kill you or take your things. The mass media is stoking that hysteria. Just smile and remember that the person in front of you is likely more like you thank you are willing to give them credit for.